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Mrs. Sophia Kelly Floyd

Theta Chapter Mourns the Loss of Sophia Floyd

Sophia Kelly Floyd passed away on November 22, 2022 in Pender County. Sophie was a graduate of East Carolina University and taught Business Education in Pender County Schools for 36 years. She was inducted into Theta Chapter in 1961 and served as Treasurer and a member of the Finance Committee. In 2011 Theta Chapter celebrated Sophia's 50th year of membership in DKG. Sophie was the first 50 year member for Theta Chapter.

Theta Chapter Contributes to Education through Grants and Scholarships

Marilyn F Grinwis Gray Scholarship

The Marilyn F Grinwis Gray Scholarship, established by Theta Chapter in 2018, is awarded to individuals who are currently enrolled in Music Education or Elementary Education degree programs at a recognized college or university in North Carolina. Ms. Gray had a passion for children and for music. Applicants need not be members of Delta Kappa Gamma International.

Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship (Theta Chapter)

Previously known as the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship (Beta Phi Chapter), the name was changed when Beta Phi officially merged with Theta in 2020. This is a fully endowed scholarship, managed by UNCW. It is to be used to assist students pursuing a degree offered by the Watson School of Education at UNCW.

Marguerite Bellois- Delta Kappa Gamma- Theta Chapter Award

This annually funded award (at least $1000 per year) is offered from the interest earned on funds left to Beta Phi Chapter by former member Marguerite Bellois. Awards from this fund are managed by the Watson School of Education at UNCW. The intent of the award is to provide students with funds not otherwise available through scholarships, grants, or similar sources to assist pre-elementary, pre-middle school grades, pre-education of young children, pre-special education, incoming allied and secondary students, as well as Watson School students in their final semester of coursework with paying for their required testing and licensure exam fees to gain admission into the Watson School of Education at UNCW or to meet the requirements for teacher licensure from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. This is a need-based award (determined by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.) The amount of an award is determined by the Watson School of Education and will not exceed the total cost required by tests or licensure.

Theta Chapter Classroom Grants

Classroom grants, up to $500, are available to New Hanover and Pender County educators in the fall of each school year for classroom projects determined by the applicant. Educators receiving a grant must be willing to share with Theta chapter members how the project positively impacted classroom learning in a short presentation at a future chapter meeting.

Upcoming Chapter Meetings

All meetings begin at 10:30 am.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Special Guests - Region IV Director Tammy Albright and Delta Iota Chapter Members

New Hanover County Arboretum 6206 Oleander Drive

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Founders Day Luncheon at the Wrightsville Beach Rec Center

Program: "Theta: Past-Present-Future"

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Pine Valley Library - Pelican Room

2022 Theta Educator Grant Winners present...



Meet the 2022 Marilyn F Grinwis Gray Scholarship Winners

(on the Scholarship & Grants page)

Connie Marks, Kimberly Stokes, Elizabeth Miars, Sylvia Quinn and Marie Allison led induction ceremony for three new members.
Newly inducted members are Kimberly McKinney, Lizette Day, and Caitlin Fortier.
Mary Porter, Lizette Day and Haley Miles, are 2022 Educator Grant winners.
Lizette Day presented coding projects that were taught at Carolina Beach Elementary School at the May meeting.
Mary Porter discussed reading materials purchased for her third grade class reading program at the May meeting.
At the May meeting, Claire Bennett, chair of Nominating Committee, installed Connie Marks as the 2022-2024 Chapter President for Theta Chapter.
2022 BT Committee at Work
2022 NC DKG Convention Slideshow

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