Theta's Star Performers

The Region IV Golden Key Winner Announced at the 2023 NC DKG Convention is our own...Gretchen Simmons!

From the nomination selected by the NC DKG Awards Committee:

"Gretchen is the type of member every DKG chapter needs on its team. She is professional, caring, compassionate, hard-working, kind, capable and dependable. She is soft-spoken, but is always ready with a kind word, sincere compliment, and helping hand. If anyone is overburdened at a DKG meeting with loading, unloading, setting up,cleaning up, or struggling with any task, she is the first to offer a hand. If she knows a member is sick or having a crisis, she quietly sends cards, takes food, offers encouragement, and shares her own experience, strength and hope. She does all these things in a quiet, unassuming way without seeking credit or praise. She loves DKG and truly helps to hold our chapter together!

Gretchen puts quality effort into everything she volunteers to do. Once she accepts a task, it can be considered done and done well! Every detail is planned and well executed. She takes on many assignments in DKG, but also considers her limits. She will decline accepting a task if she feels she cannot give it her best effort, but she very rarely declines a support position and will be there when she is needed. Whether she is chair or member of a committee, Gretchen is never just a name on the list. She attends meetings, participates in discussions and projects, and ALWAYS does her part. 

Gretchen quietly moves about her daily life taking care of herself and happily helping others, with no thought of reward or praise."

Congratulations to Nikki Karnes!

Nikki Karnes was selected as 2023 New Hanover County Schools Elementary Teacher of the Year!